Why Rigid Restoration?

Why Rigid Restoration?

Making the most out of our employees’ many years of experience in the industry, we help homeowners obtain peace of mind by restoring their homes to “Rigid” strength. Whether you’ve received our name as a referral or we called upon you at your home, it’s important to know just what makes us different from the competition. At Rigid Restoration, our mission statement is We Work for YOU! Utilizing the same tools employed by the insurance industry, the Rigid team will help you navigate the claims process to maximize your return on investment and ensure your residence is restored according to local building codes and industry best practices. Premium-grade building materials and quality workmanship, with attention to detail, allow us to extend the future life and look of your home. Our goal is to deliver a customer experience that is simple and convenient with all work completed to your satisfaction. 

We Make It Easy for You
Rigid Restoration works with you every step of the way. We guide you through the claim process and assist with any issues that occur along the way. We do our best to make it as little work for you as possible. We are professional, ethical and care about you and your residence.


We Guarantee our Work
Rigid Restoration utilizes premium materials that are manufactured to last and are backed up by a manufacturer’s product warranty. We also provide a 10 year labor warranty covering the workmanship of the installation.


High Approval Rates
Rigid Restoration “Insurance Claims Specialists” have extensive experience working with the insurance companies and they respect us for our ethical and professional interactions. We have obtained insurance approvals where other companies have failed.


Extensive Communication
Rigid Restoration lets you know where things stand at every step of the process. If an issue develops, we respond and resolve it immediately. Many contractors are missing if an issue arises. Not Rigid Restoration. We pride ourselves on ensuring problems are resolved quickly and effectively.


Attention to Detail
Rigid Restoration installation crews are experienced and demonstrate high levels of workmanship. Jobs are completed correctly with no “cutting corners”. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. All Job sites are restored to their original condition upon completion.


Our Reviews

Rigid Restoration relies on positive customer referrals and reviews to grow our business.
We aim to please. Check out our reviews below as evidence of our commitment to customer satisfaction:


We had our siding and gutters replaced by Rigid Restoration this year and everything looks great. They were extremely professional and delivered on every promise they made. Thank you.

—– John P.

Rigid Restoration did a fantastic job replacing my roof this past fall. After examining my house for storm damage and showing me photos of the issues hail caused on my roof, they handled the entire claim from start to finish.

—- Jim W.

Great work and even better service. They kept us informed every step of the way and the end result is awesome. The new roof makes our house look like new.

—- Jeanine M.

These guys took care of everything required to get my roof replaced by my insurance company due to storm damage. Great work on the roof and very professional in the front office. I definitely recommend Rigid to anyone looking for an honest contractor.

—- Joe L.